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Welcome to ezRico.com Career Experience and Capabilities
  • Innovative results-oriented business applications manager, analyst and developer.
  • Define requirements, functional business rules, analyze impact, and set project goals.
  • Demonstrated strong analytical design and development skills with a proven ability to provide process improvement tools and successfully manage a project.
  • Delivered on time and cost effective custom software applications covering a broad range of business problems.
  • Excellent communications skills with extensive experience in presentation preparation especially in supporting technical product marketing.
  • Complete business life cycle applications experience including design, analysis, development, integration, testing, support, and team management.
  • Critical problems resolution while providing productivity solutions management.





Software Skills Employed


05/04 – 11/05

Senior Database Admin/Developer

Access:2K/XP/03–VBA SQL/2K

Mo->Net Services

06/01 – 04/04

Consultant – Software Applications

VS/VB6– SQL/Access – .Net

Avnet, Inc.

11/00 – 05/01

eCommerce Developer

WebMethods Tools Developer

Wells Fargo Bank

04/00 – 11/00

Senior Direct Deposit Developer

Java2 – SQL7 – 2000 DBA


11/99 – 04/00

Senior Software Consultant

VB6/Perl/SQL/UNIX–Y2K Certs.


04/99 – 10/99

Enterprise eCommerce Automation

ASP/Visual Studio/HTML


09/98 – 03/99

Senior Applications Developer

VB6 – Access 97 – ASP/HTML


01/98 – 09/98

Distributed Call Center Developer

VB6 Applications


10/95 – 12/97

Iridium: Senior Programmer

Tools: Perl/JAVA1.2/Korn shell


06/94 – 09/95

UNIX System Administration

Level 2 Tech Support

In-Touch Systems

02/89 – 05/94

Consultant – System Integration


Welcome to ezRico.com

    Access 2000/XP/2003 - VBA Developer

  • Designed, implemented and deployed an Enterprise Bidding Tool for Navy Carriers. Provided significant customer process improvement with increased ease of use, flexibility, and functionality. Implementation combined fully featured ACCESS with extensive VBA code. Application has been deployed across the Enterprise and integrated onto the various networks.

  • Conceived of a Repository database which when developed and deployed provided one stop data retrieval for Logisticians, Technical Writers and Analysts. In addition, this RDB compared and combined data from disparat sources so that reference items would be linked between the various agencies who required their fields to be visible. This system provided major error reductions and significant time savings, yielding a minimum of a 200% productivity improvement!! One application feature reduced Logistics and Provisioning data updates from CDMD_OA from several days to 15 seconds!

  • Redesigned the Technical Manual Tracking system into Access XP. Maintained backward database compatibility while substantialy improving the User productivity by providing data for multiple Job Order/Hull contracts. Developed an enhanced interface, and the infrastructure to .NET and Web Services Framework.

  • Provided additional tools to support projects for various Navy Groups across the Enterprise. Responsibilities include applying system analysis and accepted programming practices to design and implement user-friendly interactive solutions meeting the changing requirements of the Division Departments as they interface with the Navy and Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding.

    VB6 Software Applications Developer

  • Delivered on time and cost effective custom applications covering an extensive range of business applications, all of which featured interactive User Interfaces connected to backend databases.

  • Developed a Demographic extractor from surveys stored in a FoxPro DB for Media Agencies.

  • Designed a Phoneme Numerical Translator based on Carnegie Mellon’s Research. Translates words into numerical sequences. Purpose is to facilitate PIN# coding and number sequence recall.

  • Customized and extend functionality of ERP/SFA software, so that client’s proprietary business rules were included while maintaining conformity with existing systems.

  • Developed programs, which tested the functionality of COM objects, which implemented the core functionality of the Health Care System’s Call Center software.

  • Developed various data conversion applications and interfaced the results to ASP and HTML.

  • SQL and Access Database implementation of various traditional and WEB based applications.

    .Net Framework

  • Demonstrated cost saving methods for reducing rewrites of existing programs. Enabled a smoother transition to .Net Framework by capitalizing on its productivity gains and interoperability features.

  • VisualStudio.Net event dispatching, type casting, error handling and runtime CLR processing.

  • ASP.NET integrating Web Services, SOAP, connectivity and cross-platform interoperability. Utilizing server-side scripting features for robust applications with better performance.

  • XML Web Services and connecting SOAP client/server architecture as the communication channel. Utilized XSL, XSLT in developing B2B applications.

  • .Net Framework Type Programming in C# to build, package and deploy applications.

    WEB Developer

  • Developed presentation and rule layer application for login, verification, add/remove functionality providing easier reporting control, increased flexibility and quicker response in a 3-tier Web site.

  • Developed implementations for Order Search and various intranet database projects for eCommerce Web Sites.

  • Provided full field validation with backend SQL database accessing and processing for all parameters collected, to enable eCommerce transactions.

  • Implemented the UI Presentation layer and added interactive functionality to screen images.

  • Designed and implemented custom interactive web pages for various clients. Retrieved data with SQL queries and stored procedures within applications.

  • Used ASP/JavaScript/VBScript and Visual InterDev with Source Safe as the versioning tool.

    eCommerce Developer

  • Defined processes for interfacing EDI data flows with on-line order entry and configuration system. Developed a order tracking application to increase customer satisfaction while making it easier to use.

  • Using WebMethods B2Bi Development platform, implemented enterprise business processes between order entry system, RosettaNet definitions and suppliers SAP systems.

  • Developed flows implementing supply-chain business rules and processes in XML.

  • Defined & implemented data flows between SQL, Oracle and EDI legacy databases.

    Java Systems Programmer

  • Business analysis experience and the ability to offer a broad set of solutions has enabled successful projects to a diversified range of client applications

  • Designed enhancements to an on-line payroll reconciliation WEB based system, which increased productivity and reduced errors for a network of national retail banking locations.

  • Implemented interfaces to Java Applets and stored-procedures that maintained and updated production SQL databases, ensuring data integrity and reducing personal.

  • Experienced in coordinating production application environment updates with restructured data tables, new software features while maintaining and improving functionality.

  • Developed Tester’s Workbench system for reducing errors in functionality testing. The integrated Automated Test System included Test Procedure and Scenario Generator with Defect Reporter.

    UNIX Systems Programmer & Administrator

  • Wide experience in providing system performance enhancement tools and cost saving processes.

  • Developed a data gathering and statistical analysis program to collect electrical parameters from test tools during manufacturing production for interactive quality analysis.

  • Interfaced to WEB access reporting applications. This allowed process throughput enhancements thus reducing costs while increasing flexibility and team collaboration.

  • Design and develop software test systems yielding a 10x-process improvement for generating test methods, procedures and scenarios in accordance with SEI levels.

  • Improved overall system efficiency and application processing. Performed admin functions and shell scripting to balance user load and yield enterprise enhancements.

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Software Experience: (Box = Years Exp.)

Access 97/200x/ VBA



Visual Studio 6.0













VB 6



 .NET Framework











SQL 7/2000





Perl 5 & 6



UNIX Scripting


Welcome to ezRico.com


Professional Designation: UCLA - Marketing & Sales Management - Westwood,LA,CA

Computer Science: Bell Telephone Labs/Stevens Institute of Technology - Hoboken, NJ

BSEE: City College of NY - NYC,NY

Spring Joint Computer Conference: Paper - Syntax Driven Meta-Compiler

Welcome to ezRico.com

Professional Training:

  • .Net Framework  / Visual Studio.NET / Visual Basic.NET

  • Visual Studio / Visual Basic 6/ ASP - InterDev

  • XML/XSLT  

  • Perl5 

  • UNIX – SysAdmin - Shell Scripting [Korn, bash, cShell]

  • Java2 – Visual Café


Public Speaking: ATM Level - Toastmasters International (since 1977)

Welcome to ezRico.com
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